ARTBAR Tuesday 16th January: Professor Mike Tooby discusses the curation at Turner Contemporary of the exhibition ‘Journeys with The Wasteland’ and the significance of T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ with the 60 artists taking part in the exhibition from February to May 2018.


Next Artbar, Tuesday 19th July: Professor Mike Tooby is ‘big in Japan’. As he discusses his recent trip to Naoshima Island, the ‘Art Island’ in Japan..

Next Artbar Tuesday 21st April: Albert Irvin, Life and Work, A discussion by Professor Mike Tooby

You may wish to read Mike’s obituary on Bert Irvin in the Guardian here.

Artbar September: Next Tuesday our guest is Dr Michele Whiting discussing her show ‘Lost’ at Salisbury Arts Centre.

ARTBAR September: Discussion on William Scott ‘Simplicity and Subject’

After the showing of the film ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ on William Scott by James Scott at the Victoria Art Gallery, we continued the evening upstairs at The Raven for the inaugural ARTBAR..and so started a fascinating evening with Professor Mike Tooby and the Curator of the Victoria Art Gallery, Jon Bennington,  discussing their current exhibition at Victoria Art Gallery William Scott ‘Simplicity and Subject’ with and special guest, Robert Scott, with contributions from the artist John Eaves and questions with much discussion form the audience, a special evening…

ARTBAR inaugural evening
Professor Mike Tooby starts discussion
on William Scott ‘Simplicity and Subject’
John Bennington, Curator, Victoria Art Gallery
steals the microphone
A captivated audience

Robert Scott enlightens us with memories of his father
John Eaves discusses his memories of William Scott as a tutor at Bath Academy of Art
Robert Scott, looking back..

All photos thanks to Nick Smith