ARTBAR GUEST: The Ceramicist Sara Moorhouse..

Our guest on Tuesday 21st will be ceramicist, Sara Moorhouse whose work can be currently seen in ‘The Art of Perception: Seurat to Riley’ exhibition at The Holburne Museum in Bath.

Sara Moorhouse was born in Sheffield in 1974. Originally from Worksop in Nottinghamshire, Sara trained initially at West Nottinghamshire College of Further Education before studying Illustration at the University of Wolverhampton. Following a Post Graduate Certificate in Art and Design Education at Exeter University, Sara taught and lectured. Then she studied Ceramics and took a Masters and PhD at UWIC School of Art and Design, Cardiff.

Sara says of her work: “The development of my work into ceramics, colour, and spatial perception began with a Masters degree at Cardiff in 2003. The work explores the ways in which spaces within landscape appear altered depending on the ever-changing colours of season, weather, time and farming. The bowls act as a canvas for paintings that distill specific landscape scenes, perceptibly altering the size, depth, and shape of the form by the applied colour.”

ARTBAR Guest: Geoffrey Bertram.

Our Artbar guest this month is the art dealer, curator, consultant, and Chairman of the Wilhemina Barns Graham Trust, Geoffrey Bertram. The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust was established by the Scottish artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham in 1987. The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust exists to enhance the reputation and understanding of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham as one of Britain’s most significant 20th-century artists, and through her legacy supports young people and other individuals to fulfill their potential in the visual arts.

Artbar Extra: Paul Vivian ‘Power Down’ at 45 Park Lane, Mayfair, London

An update on the ARTBAR April guest Paul Vivian and the winner of Wells Art Contemporary 2015, as he sets up his exhibtion ‘Power Down’. The prestigious prize of winning WAC, was an exhibition at 45 Park Lane in London, due to open from 9th August 2016. I spoke to him as he was preparing the artworks for display. ‘I chose the title to reflect the theme of the works in the show, it’s very much about forms of defeat and failure.’ There’s no defeat or failure here, the show consists of a series of challenging artworks from collage, sculpture, and 3D scanning technology; with all artworks made specifically for the the space, the prestigious yet art friendly hotel and part of the Dorchester Collections. ‘The challenges of the space are a good motivator’ says Paul ‘and I’m looking forward to it.’ 

Artworks Clockwise from Left: ‘And I then saw the best Jesus Ever..’ Coffee cup, plastic lid, ‘Divine Violence #1’ Mixed media, ‘Moon’, Printed mixed media, ‘The artist’, Paul Vivian, ‘Knot’ Hanging printed silk tie, ‘New Model Army’ (front and back), 3D scanned ceramic figures. Check out more information here.

Next Artbar: Tuesday 16th June. The artist Christopher Bucklow discussing his recent work.

February ARTBAR: Tuesday 17th February, Karen MacKinnon, Artistic Director, Artes Mundi

Artbar January on Tuesday, join us for a social evening, get on your ‘soapbox’

Artbar 20th January 2015

Happy New Year!

There is an Artbar on Tuesday 20th January, guests are being finalised and we shall post details as soon as possible!

Artbar Team

ARTBAR 18th March, Paul McGowan talks about his work and recent collaboration with Warchild…

Next Tuesday evening’s Artbar will be fascinating discussion on the subversive work of the artist Paul McGowan…
For the past 3 years Paul McGowan has been 100% committed to his Collaboration with War Child UK. Titled ‘Trigger Finger’ the work draws from the everyday situations the charity is confronted with on the ground. The Exhibition was launched at the Drang Gallery in October 2013. Paul has previously collaborated with Legendary American guitarist Gary Lucas who worked with Captain Beefheart and Jeff Buckley.
22 Bones, Paul McGowan
In December 2013 along with an impressive assemblage of today’s leading Artists including Inkie, Banksy, My dog Sighs, Elmo Hood, Sheppard Fairy, Nick Walker, and many more. Paul’s work was exhibited in the Houses of Parliament in conjunction with a DJ Saved My Life and London West Bank Gallery for Smile Britannia. Paul is currently focused on an Experimental audio Visual experience that will bring people together in a different way and the work will involve the production of two audio albums one of the albums Paul will collaborate with Bath Based DJ & Producer Jamie Tack and will be available in all formats. Ronnie Tee of vision artists will choose who and how the second album is produced and the project is shaping up to be ready for release in time for the festival season 2015.
Terror Chamber, Paul McGowan