Artbar Extra: Paul Vivian ‘Power Down’ at 45 Park Lane, Mayfair, London

An update on the ARTBAR April guest Paul Vivian and the winner of Wells Art Contemporary 2015, as he sets up his exhibtion ‘Power Down’. The prestigious prize of winning WAC, was an exhibition at 45 Park Lane in London, due to open from 9th August 2016. I spoke to him as he was preparing the artworks for display. ‘I chose the title to reflect the theme of the works in the show, it’s very much about forms of defeat and failure.’ There’s no defeat or failure here, the show consists of a series of challenging artworks from collage, sculpture, and 3D scanning technology; with all artworks made specifically for the the space, the prestigious yet art friendly hotel and part of the Dorchester Collections. ‘The challenges of the space are a good motivator’ says Paul ‘and I’m looking forward to it.’ 

Artworks Clockwise from Left: ‘And I then saw the best Jesus Ever..’ Coffee cup, plastic lid, ‘Divine Violence #1’ Mixed media, ‘Moon’, Printed mixed media, ‘The artist’, Paul Vivian, ‘Knot’ Hanging printed silk tie, ‘New Model Army’ (front and back), 3D scanned ceramic figures. Check out more information here.

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