ARTBAR November guest: Chris Stephens, Curator and Head of Displays, Tate Britain re-hang, 2013: Walkthrough of British Art – Room: 1914 & 1915 (+playlist)

ARTBAR November guest, Chris Stephens, Curator and Head of Displays, Tate Britain Re-hang 2013: Walkthrough of British Art – Room: 1960 (+playlist)

Helen Little, Tate Britain Curator, Tate Britain Re-hang 2013: Walkthrough of British Art – Room: 2000

Keith Harrison discusses his recent collaboration with Napalm Death, this Tuesday evening..

The ceramicist, Keith Harrison, discusses his recent collaboration with Napalm Death at the De La Warr Pavillion later this month, in conversation with Mike Tooby, this Tuesday evening. Join us for an eventful evening and a few drinks, Upstairs at The Raven, Bath from 7.30 PM…

Napalm Death
‘Bustleholme — a live collaboration between legendary grindcore outfit NAPALM DEATH and ceramic artist Keith Harrison — has been rescheduled for Friday, November 29 in the Modernist setting of the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, United Kingdom. Initially created for the V&A in London (where it was supposed to take place this past March), this groundbreaking project will see the band come together with Harrison to depict and destroy a custom-built installation during a one-off live performance. Expect no limitations imposed upon what will no doubt be one of the most important events of the cultural calendar. The band will play a special live set through an experimental sculptural sound system constructed by Harrison. Clad with blue and yellow ceramic tiles, the raw, uncompromising energy of NAPALM DEATH‘s music will activate a set of three specially created ceramic sound systems, which will disintegrate as the performance progresses.’



ARTBAR November: Guest speaker Chris Stephens talks to Kevin McCloud about recent Tate Britain re-hang

ARTBAR September: Discussion on William Scott ‘Simplicity and Subject’

After the showing of the film ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ on William Scott by James Scott at the Victoria Art Gallery, we continued the evening upstairs at The Raven for the inaugural ARTBAR..and so started a fascinating evening with Professor Mike Tooby and the Curator of the Victoria Art Gallery, Jon Bennington,  discussing their current exhibition at Victoria Art Gallery William Scott ‘Simplicity and Subject’ with and special guest, Robert Scott, with contributions from the artist John Eaves and questions with much discussion form the audience, a special evening…

ARTBAR inaugural evening
Professor Mike Tooby starts discussion
on William Scott ‘Simplicity and Subject’
John Bennington, Curator, Victoria Art Gallery
steals the microphone
A captivated audience

Robert Scott enlightens us with memories of his father
John Eaves discusses his memories of William Scott as a tutor at Bath Academy of Art
Robert Scott, looking back..

All photos thanks to Nick Smith

ARTBAR 2: Keith Harrison in Conversation, 22nd October 2013

Question: When did you last hear Victoria, Albert, Napalm, Death and Bexhill in the same sentence?…
Answer: When discussing the work of Jerwood Prize winning artist Keith Harrison! At ARTBAR October Keith shall be in conversation about his residency and disruptions’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum last winter and his forthcoming collaborative projects.
Keith Harrison ‘Blue Monday’
Keith Harrison ‘Grand’

Keith Harrison ‘London Orbital’

Next ARTBAR date: 26 November 2013 with Chris Stevens, Tate Curator of Displays in conversation with Professor Mike Tooby